Check total goals in German Bundesliga

The German Bundesliga is one of the most important tournaments in the world. It is the main championship of the country, and it is followed by the Bundesliga, the German Cup and the German Super Cup.
It is interesting to follow the results of the teams, because the number of matches is increasing rapidly. It can be done with the help of a special program.
The Bundesliga is divided into two groups. The first group is called the Champions League group and the second one is called Europa League group.
In the Champions Group, the teams play in a round-robin tournament. The winners of the group advance to the next stage.

The Europa League is divided in two groups, the first one is the group of the best teams from the continent and the other is the best European club from the country. The winner of the tournament will be invited to the Champions Cup. The Europa League has a special name: the Europa League.
You can follow the Bundesliga results on the website of sports statistics. Here, you will find the latest information about the teams and the results.
Teams in the Bundesliga
The teams in the German Bundesliga are the following:
1. Borussia Dortmund. This club is the most successful in the championship. The team has won the title for a long time. It has won it for the last 4 years.
2. Bayern Munich. The Bavarians have won the championship for the second time.
3. Hoffenheim.
4. RB Leipzig.
5. RB Salzburg.
6. Schalke.
7. RB Inter.
8. RB Twente.
9. Eintracht Frankfurt.
10. RB Pirat.
11. RB Stuttgart.
12. RB Borussia M.
13. Boro.
14. RB TSV Hamburg.
15. RB Werder.
16. RB Mainz.
17. RB Eintreburg.
18. RB Bremen.
19. RB Wolfsburg.
20. RB Gelsenkirchen.
21. RB Freiburg.
22. RB Schalburg. (Roland Koch, the head coach of the team, is the current champion).
23. RB Greuther Fürth.
24. RB Darmstadt.
25. RB Paderborn.
26. RB Leverkusen. (Klaus Fischer, the coach of this team, was the champion in 2002).
27. RB Ingolstadt. (Fritz Krüger, the team’s head coach, was champion in 1990).
28. RB Kaiserslautern.
29. RB Chemnitz.
30. RB Wacker Innsbruck.
31. RB Gladbach.
32. RB Bayern.
33. RB Fortuna Köln.
34. RB RB Leibin.
35. RB Karlsruhe.
36. RB Union Berlin.
37. RB Kölsch.
38. RB Wehen Wiesbaden. (RB Leipzigers coach is the champion from 1990). This team is the strongest in the league.
39. RB Magdeburg. (Josep Guardiola, the club’s coach, won the champion title in the previous season).
40. RB Vorskla.
41. RB Gran.
42. RB Braunschweig.
43. RB Viktoria.
44. RB Neapel.
45. RB Rögle.
46. RB Dynamo.
47. RB Roterth. The club has a good squad.
48. RB Augsburg. This club has won two championships, in 2002 and in 2007.
49. RB Sibir.
50. RB Aalen. The club won the German championship for a third time in a row.
51. RB Valladolid.
52. RB Frankfurt. It has a strong squad. Also, the previous coach, Frank Ribery, won a third title in a year.
53. RB Lotte.
54. RB Hamburg. RB Hamburger is the club with the most trophies in the history of the German Championship.
55. RB Hoffenau.
56. RB Nurnberg.
57. RB Grün-Weiß.
58. RB Bayreuth.
59. RB Sandhausen. RB Basel. RB Zürich. RB Berne. RB Lugano. RB Mönchengladbach. RB Bruxelles. RB Feyenoord. RB Willemstad. RB Sporting. RB Hertha BSC. RB Bayer. RB Cologne. RB Hamburgh. RB Dortmund. RB Arsenal. RB Juventus. RB Chelsea. RB Liverpool. RB Napoli. RB Roma. RB Lazio. RB Sevilla. RB Real Madrid. RB Tottenham Hotspur. RB Manchester United. RB Brighton. RB Crystal Palace. RB Aston Villa. RB Norwich. RB Sheffield United. These teams are the best in the country and the world, because they have won a lot of trophies.
These teams are also the most popular in the Internet.

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