Transfers: Liverpool is still in the market for a goalkeeper

Liverpool has been in the transfer market for some time now. The Merseysiders have been trying to sign a new goalkeeper for a long time. However, the club is still looking for a suitable replacement for the injured Pepe Reina.
The club has already signed a new striker, but it is still unclear who will replace the Brazilian Ronaldo.
However, the main thing is that the club has a good lineup. Liverpool has a number of stars who can play in the attack and defense.
These are the main transfers that the Merseyside club has made recently:
* Mohamed Salah;
* Sadio Mané;

* Roberto Firmino;

* Alberto Moreno.
All of them are very promising young players who can become the main stars of the club.

The main thing for Liverpool is to find a suitable goalkeeper. The club has several options for the position. The first one is the goalkeeper of the German club Freiburg. The goalkeeper of this club is the veteran Lukas Fabianski.
Fabianski is a good goalkeeper, but he is not the best choice for Liverpool. The main thing here is that he is a German goalkeeper. He is not a top-class goalkeeper, so he can not be a good choice for the Mersey club. The second option is the French goalkeeper of Bordeaux, Julien Fournier.
Fournier is a young goalkeeper, who is very good at his position. He has already made a number 1 appearance for the club and is a very good goalkeeper.
It is still not clear how much the club will pay for the goalkeeper, because the price is not high. The cost of the position is about 10 million euros. The price of the goalkeeper position is not very high, so the club can afford to pay for it.
If the club does not find a good option for the goal keeper, then it will have to look for a new signing. The transfer window is coming to an end, so Liverpool will be able to sign one of the main players of the team.
Liverpool’s Prospects in the Next Season
The team has a very busy transfer campaign. It is now possible to buy a new player for about 10-15 million euros, so it is a lot of money for the team to spend.
In the summer, the Merseiders signed a number one striker, who will be the main player of the attack. The striker is Mohamed Salih. The player is a promising young player, who can be the leader of the Merhosen.
This player will be a key player of Liverpool. He can become a leader of a number 2 position, which will allow the club to get a good deal for the player.
Another important transfer for the Liverpool team is the signing of a goalkeeper. It was not easy to find such a goalkeeper, especially for a German club. Fabianskis is not exactly a good candidate for the job, because he is only a German keeper.
But the club managed to find the right candidate, who has already played for the first team of the French club Bordeux. The new goalkeeper of Liverpool is Lukasz Piszczek.
Piszczec is a goalkeeper who is a real specialist in his position, who knows how to control the ball. He also has a great experience. Piszczy is a player who can help the club in the future.
There is a high probability that the team will be one of leaders of the Champions League in the next season. The team has the potential to become one of top-3 European clubs.
Main Favorites of the Club in the Future
Liverpool is one of main favorites of the EPL in the near future. The following factors can be noted:
1. Good lineup. The squad of the Reds has a lot to offer. The players have a good experience, so they can be a leader in the upcoming season.
2. Good transfers. The list of players who have been signed by the club includes:
• Mohamed Salahi;
• Sadio Mane;
· Firminho;
3. Good performance. The fans and experts have already noted that the players have good potential to win the EFL Cup.
4. Good results. The last season was not successful for the Reds, but they are still one of favorites of EPL.
So, the team has everything it needs to be one step ahead of its rivals.
You can always follow the results of the matches of Liverpool on the website of sports statistics. Here you will find the information about the results, as well as the schedule of upcoming matches.
Live Results of Football Matches
The season of the English Premier League has already ended, so now it is time to look at the results.
Despite the fact that the previous season was quite successful for Liverpool, the fans are not satisfied with the results so far. The Reds have a number 4 position in the Epl, which is not enough for the fans.
At the moment, the Reds have the following main favorites:
· Manchester City;
1st place in the Premier League;
2nd place in EPL;
4th place in Europa League.

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