Transfers: PSG are looking for a striker…Again!

After the departure of Neymar, the Parisians have a lot of options to choose from. However, they are not the only ones. The team is also looking for new players, and they are now actively searching for a new striker.
It is not surprising that the club is now actively looking for strikers, because the team has a lot to choose between.
The main problem of the team is the lack of goalscoring, so they are forced to use a lot in the attack. However the club has a good selection of strikers, and the most popular one is Mbappé.

The Frenchman is a player who is loved by the fans of the club, and he is able to score a lot for the team. He is also able to distribute the ball well, which is a key to success in the team, as it is necessary to have good teamwork.
However, the club also needs to strengthen the defense, and it is now looking for players who can do the job.
In the summer, PSG will have to make a number of transfers, and this is why the club will try to strengthen its positions. The club is looking for an experienced goalkeeper, and also a defender.
They are also actively looking to sign a striker. The main problem is the cost of the player, as he will cost about 100 million euros.
At the moment, the transfer window is open, and PSG have a good chance of signing a striker who can help the team to score more goals.
Will Neymar’s departure affect the team’ progress?
After Neymar left the team he had a good start, as the team managed to score several goals in a row. However this is not the first time that the team does not have a striker, and now it is looking to solve this problem.
This summer, the team will have a number transfers, which will affect the results of the Parisian team. The most obvious one is the signing of Mbappe, but the club needs to find a striker as well.
If the club does not find a suitable striker, it will be forced to sell the player to strengthen other positions. However it is not a good idea to sell a player at the peak of his powers, because this will affect his future performance.
What are the main transfers of the summer for PSG?
The club has already managed to sign Neymar from Paris Saint-Germain, and there is no doubt that the player will be able to help the club in the future. The transfer of the Brazilian is a good sign, as this will allow the team not to lose its leading position.
Another good thing is that the transfer of Mbappe will allow PSG to strengthen their positions. In the summer the club managed to get a goalkeeper, as well as a defender, but it is still unclear how the club can strengthen the positions further.
There is a high probability that the main transfer of PSG is the acquisition of a striker for the club. The cost of such a player is 100 million dollars, but he is worth it.
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