Manchester City boss Guardiola thanks Manolo Garces for assistance

Manchester City’s head coach, Josep Guardiola, has thanked the player who has helped him to become a world-class coach.
The City”s head was speaking with the media on the sidelines of the Champions League final.
“You are a real legend,” the Catalan said. “You have helped me become a better coach, a better person, a more complete person.”
‘You are the first to know’
The Catalan added that he has received a lot of messages from the fans, and the first of them was from the player.
Garces, who is a regular at the City“s games, has also thanked the Catalan for his help.

”I’m very happy,“ he said.
It is worth noting that the player has already received a special award from the club for his work.
This year, the City players won the Premier League title, and they will take part in the Champions league final. The team will be playing against Bayern Munich, which has already won the Champions club tournament.
In the final, the team will have to defeat the Germans, who have already won three times.
City’ll face the final for the second time in a row
The previous season, the Citizens lost to the Munich team, which is the current champion.
However, in the second match, the Guardiola’ team managed to win.
After the match, Guardiola said that the team had a good game.
He also said that in the future, they will try to win the Champions cup.
They will do this by winning the Europa League.
At the moment, the club has a good squad, which can play at the top level.
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Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur will play in the Europa league final
In addition, the Europa tournament is considered to be the most prestigious tournament. It is held every year, and it is held in the most difficult conditions.
Both Manchester United and the Tottenham Hotspurs have already participated in the tournament, and both teams have already managed to reach the final. However, the final will be held in two different cities.
United will play against Chelsea, while the Spurs will face the reigning champion, Liverpool.
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Chelsea’ will be the main rival of the Spurs, who will try not to lose points.
Tottenham’ is the main contender for winning the tournament. The club has already managed not to miss the playoffs for the first time in 20 years.
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