Real Madrid transfer news today – Is Courtois already in Zidane’s plans?

The French coach has already started to make his mark in the team, and the players are already showing a lot of potential.
The team has a good chance to win the Champions League, and that is the main goal of the club.
However, the main thing for the team is to finish in the top 4 of the La Liga.
In the last season, the team managed to do it, but it was not enough.
Now, the players of the team are ready to fight for the title, and they are ready for everything.
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The season has already ended, and now we can only hope that the team will be able to fight until the last round.
It is very important for the club to be in the Champions league zone, because it will be a real chance for the fans to see the best players of their favorite team.
These are the main reasons why the team needs to be strengthened.
Will Courtoises’s team be able not to miss the Champions Cup?
The first matches of the new season of the French championship have shown that the players have a lot to prove.
This is obvious, because the team has not won the Champions cup for a long time.
That is why the fans are very interested in the results of the first matches.
At the moment, the first rounds are very difficult, and there are still a lot more matches ahead.
So, we can expect to see a lot from the team in the next season.
They will have to prove themselves in the domestic arena, and then they will have a chance to fight against the favorites of the tournament.
For now, the French team is very stable, and it is ready to do its best in every match.
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